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June 17, Courts are playable, slightly soft, 63F-77F. Junior Summer Program Starts at 9 am.

June 16, PLay suspended for the rest of the day.

Happy Father’s day toall the dads at LCC!  Courts are soft, but playable as of now.  Open Clinic 10-11:30

June 14, good weather, courts in good shpae, still soft. Come and play. Predicted good weather during during the weekend.

June 13, Play suspended for the rest of the day. Too much rain

Raining, No tennis as of now. New information in the PM

Courts are in good shape, still soft in some areas, 54F with some chances of rain throughout the day

June 12, Courts are in fairly good shape, soft, but dry. 64-71F, 0% Rain.

June 11, Courts are open for play, but they are soft. the ball might have a dead bounce. Court 3-4 are not as firm as 1-2.

Court 3 is under water, court 1 has some water, courts 4 and 2 are very wet. 62F-71 F

courts are unplayable due to the rain. I will post later on an update and hopefully the courts will be open for the PM play.

June 10, courts are in good conditions, 49F-65 F.

June 9, Courts are in good shape, 60F-74F

June 8, Courts are in great shape, 70’s today. 5 PM Mixed Social Doubles. come and watch and enjoy it.

June 7, Courts 1-2 are in good shape, 3-4 coming along. 62 F-78 F, 0 chances of rain.

June 6, courts are in good shape, 3-4 slightly soft, 68 F, 77 F high Warriors men tennis  on tonight

June 5 , Courts are in good shape, weather around 63 F, High 78 F, chances of rain in the PM 40-90%

June 4, Courts are in good shape, 3-4 still soft, play with caution.  55F -66F

June 3 . Courts are in good shape, still slightly wet on court 3-4, play with caution. 51 F -73F

June 2, Courts are in playable conditions, slightly soft, so play with caution. 62 F – 72 F

June 1, courts are in good shape, court 3-4 play with caution since they accumulate much water for the last few days. 54 F max 77 F.


May 31, Court 4 unplayable as of now, 1 and 2 playable

Courts are wet, unplayable as of now, too soft. 60F, up to 74F for the day.

May 30, Court 4 is unplayable, Court 3 very soft , Crts 1-2 in good shape. 52 F, chances of rain in the PM

May 29, Courts 1 & 2 are in good shape, 3 & 4 soft, not in playing conditions. 55 F, Chances of rain up to 50% throughout the day.

May 28, 2;30 PM Courts are closed for the day due to rain.

May 28, Courts are in good conditions, Weather good so far, with 52% -65% probabilities of rain throughout the day. Ladies tennis starting at 5:30 PM

May 26 Courts are in very good shape, we have to thank Duncan for it. Beautiful weather, come out and play.

May 25. Courts open, in good shape for being the first day of the season. benches will be added soon. Balls for sale at the Tennis Office.

Courts open Memorial Day Weekend, May 24th-27th
Junior Program starts June 18th
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LCC Summer Tennis Program 2019


Red Ball  3-6 Years Old, 9:00-10:00 am   M-F

3x/week $50.00,  5x/week $75.00


Orange Ball  6-9 Years Old 10:00-11:20 am M-F       

Green Ball   9-11 Years Old, 11:00-12.30 pm M-F               

Yellow Ball 11-14 Years Old, 11:30-13:00 pm M-F

3x/week $100.00, 5x/week $135.00

Week 1June 17-21

Week 2June 24-28

Week 3: July 1-5

Week 4: July 8-12 

Week 5July 15-19

Week 6: July 22-26    

Week 7: July 9-Aug 2

Week 8: August 5-9

Week 9: August 12-16

Week 10: August 19-23

Official Opening Day:  Monday May 27th,  Memorial Weekend 2019

Official Closing day:  Monday September 2nd, Labor Day Weekend, 2019

  • The courts will be available daily from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, Monday – Sunday


Hello 2019

Hello Litchfield Members,

I will be driving up toward Litchfield on Friday, May 24, and will be ready to get out on the court immediately.

I am thrilled to be returning again this year as the club’s Tennis Director.  This season promises to be exciting with some new tennis staff, additional activities for the junior camp, continuation of the social tennis groups and of course the tennis tournaments.  Check out the tabs for additional information or reach out to me directly at

Looking forward to a great season.


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