2019 LCC Rules

Reserving Courts:

Signing up for courts is required for both Adult and Junior members any time one is on the tennis court. This can be done in advance by signing up yourself or contacting the Pro Shop. A ‘walk on’ is also required to sign up before getting on the court. A “Court Sign Up” clip board will be hanging outside the Pro Shop, or a Tennis Registration Notebook

If one has reserved a court and will not be using it, it is asked that the member cancel the court reservation, ideally 24 hours in advance.

When people are waiting for courts, please limit play to two (2) sets of doubles; singles players should double up where possible, or limit play to 1 hour.

Observe Court Condition/Wet Condition. If you have and doubt — a court is too wet when your foot leaves a print near the base line.

SWEEPING AFTER PLAY – We ask that members sweep the court after play.

All guests using the tennis facilities must be registered in the guest book provided at the Tennis Office.  When members entertain guests during “off” hours, they should register their guests at the earliest opportunity.

Play Priority:

During open tennis periods is as follows:

Club Tournaments/Activities

Courts reserved for lessons/Private Practice/Clinics

Player/players with prior reservations

Working Men/Women



Advance sign up is required as each clinic will have a maximum number of 8 players.

No Show Policy – One is asked to cancel 24 hours in advance if he/she has signed up for a clinic. A No Show will be charged for the cost of the clinic if no replacement is found.

If there are any questions about the clinics, please inquire in advance.

Tennis Attire:

Proper tennis attire is to be worn. White Preferred. Collared shirts or tennis t-shirts and appropriate shorts for tennis are required.

Tennis Shoes Only, No Running or Cross Training shoes allowed. Tennis sneakers are required on all 4 Har-Tru courts at all times.

NO cargo, NO basketball shorts, NO sleeveless shirts.

Hats should be worn as designed.

Members are responsible for ensuring that their family and guests are informed of the Club’s policy on attire and are dressed appropriately.

Racquets, sneakers, and apparel are available for sale @ the Tennis Pro Shop.

Inclement Weather Warning & Lightning Detection System:

Litchfield Country Club is ready to protect our members and guests when they are using any of the outside areas of the Club.  While no system is infallible, it is hoped that an early warning system will benefit everyone using the outdoor facilities at the Club.  When the system detects lightning within a specified area, one long horn will sound.  At that time, all outside facilities of the Club are closed immediately including the golf course, practice areas, putting green, swimming pools, tennis courts, paddle courts, outside dining areas, and any patio or awning area.




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