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Sunday June 24, courts are in good conditions, slightly soft from the rain yesterday. 73 F

Saturday June 23, courts are open for play,  57 F. Rain predicted throughout the day.

Friday June 22, 64 F, Mixed doubles at 5:30 PM

Thursday June 21, 62 F, Courts in good conditions, , Warriors Men’s  Doubles

Wednesday June 20, courts are in good conditions,  62F

Tuesday June 19, 73 F, Courts in good condition.

Monday June 18th. Good weather, will be up to 90s, wear sunscreen. Summer Junior Program starts

Sunday June 17, courts are open , good conditions, 68 F, up to 88 F. Wear sunscreen.

Saturday June 16, Courts are in good conditions, 64 F, Parent Child Tournament 12:00- 2


Friday June 15, Courts are in good conditions, 58 F at am, 10 % chances of rain

Thursday June 14, Courts are in good conditions, 68 F, Warriors Men’s Doubles  5:30 PM

Wednesday June 13, Courts in good conditions, chances of rain up to 45% throughout the day. Women’s tennis start at 5:30 PM. Sign in before 2 PM

Tuesday June 12, Courts in good conditions, 63 F. All four courts taken at 5:30 til 7 PM.

Monday June 11. Courts are good to play, 68 F.

Sunday June 10 Courts are in good conditions 60’s , Race Day. Clinic at 10 am

Saturday June 9, Courts are in good conditions, 58 F at 8 AM. No Clinic at 10 AM

Friday June 8, Courts are in good conditions, 60 F. Mixed Doubles play starting 5:30 PM

Wednesday June 6, courts are good to play, soft, wet,  55 F

Tuesday June 5, courts are in good conditions, soft, but playable. 59F

Monday June 4. Courts are open for play.

Sunday June 3, courts are playable, in good conditions, slightly soft. 58F.  CLinic 10-11:30 AM.

Saturday June 2, Courts are in good conditions, Clinic at 10-1130 am. 72F

Friday July 1: Courts are soft but playable. Rain/mist throughout the day expected, temperatures up to 77F in the PM.

Thursday May 31, Courts are in good conditions, 65 F,some chances of rain in the afternoon. Warriors men’s doubles tonight from 530-on.

Wednesday May 30, Courts in good conditions, Weather around 65F Women’s doubles at 5:30, Sign in before 2 PM.

Monday Memorial Day May 28th. Courts are open, slightly soft. Temperature 56 F.

Sunday May 27, Courts are open to play. Wet conditions, Light rain Showers, 62 F.

Clinic starts at 10-1130 AM

Sign up Log is located on the blue table next to the tennis office

Come out and join us Thursday May 31 for our First Warriors Men’s Night (doubles).

Play starts between 5:30- 6:00 PM


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